If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it should be that staying healthy and physically fit are the best measures to fight any virus or disease. CrossFit Levo’s mission is to fight Chronic Disease and improve the health of every member.

Being fit means you can do anything you want, any time you want to do it. Unfortunately, we can’t all say that today. But, it’s our mission to ensure that you are able to do more things with less effort as you work with us to enhance your fitness.

We all struggle to keep it together. Our community is built to support each other through each workout, but also through ease phase and challenge of life. We pride ourselves on a diverse and welcoming culture that can truly ease your mind.

How long will you WAIT to experience the RESULTS you DESERVE?

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“I LOVE Levo! Everyone is so nice and encouraging. I also think it’s cool that we have people of all ages, experiences and abilities in the gym.”

“I was nervous to leave my previous gym home of 6 years but the community at Levo has been great since day one. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.” 

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Reach out to our gym manager, Antoinette Williams, to start the process. You can discuss who you are and what you are looking for and she can help you start at the beginning.


Jump into a class or start the on-ramp process based on your discussion with Antoinette. She will help you start at the right spot, but the next step is to test it out!


If we are a fit , then its time to make it happen. Talk with Antoinette about which of our options work best for your schedule or the achievement of your goals.