Levo Update Show – Episode 15

Hey Levo Peeps,

We are progressing in so many ways, but very much so with our gymnastics.  Check out the weekly videos to see where you fit in the progression with things like Running, Pistols, and Strict Toe to Bar.  We also highlight the Tempo Back Squat and the DBBHC to ensure that you are getting most from your training.

This week’s update show allows you to Meet a Member (Molly Hanson) and celebrate the Shout-Outs of 2 gentle giants (Chris Purchase and Anthony Hodges).

Enjoy and #keepmoving

Levo Update Show – Episode 14

Welcome Back!

This episode will highlight some clips from “De-Load” week… whatever that means… as well as discuss the new training cycle we will be entering.

As always we will give some Shout-outs to… Hailey and Dusty.

Weekly Videos are posted here.

All you need to do is #keepmoving

  • :00 Flash Back Intro
  • :29 Welcome – Shanna Cuts my Hair
  • :35 Great Grind in De-Load Week
  • 1:05 New Cycle
  • 1:45 Cycle Breakdown
  • 4:00 National Champion – Dan Merlo
  • 4:30 Shout-out to Hailey
  • 5:25 Shout-out to Dusty
  • 6:40 Keep Moving!!!

See you soon SUCKERS!!!

Levo Update Show – Episode 13

Yo Crew!

Another great week is in the books and you all did a great job managing the heat and humidity.  Keep up the good work.

Highlights from the show:

  • Great Job Managing the Heat
  • Monthly Mobility Focus
  • Video Highlights
  • Shout-outs – Molly and Colin
  • Coaching – Safety Focus

Good luck and #keepmoving

Levo Update Show – Episode 12

Welcome Back Crew!

Weekly Videos are posted HERE.
Enjoy the show…


  • Managing the Heat (:16)
  • Mobility Monthly Focus – Front Rack Development (1:30)
  • Ancillary Programs – Strength/Power and Youth Development (3:10)
  • People In Action (4:30)
  • Shout-outs – Ashley Rath (5:15)
  • Weekly Programming Preview (5:50)

Good Luck and #keepmoving

Levo Update Show – Episode 11

Yo People!

Hope you had a great week.  Highlights from the Show:

  1. Focus on Hydration
  2. Understand Recovery and Be Looking for Helpful Info
  3. Weekly Video and Exercise Catalog importance
  4. Meet a Member – Dan Merlo
  5. Shout-outs – Jodi, Jack, and Coach Stacy
  6. Weekly Programming Preview

Enjoy and #keepmoving


Levo Update Show

Hey Freaks and Fathers… Happy Day to You!

Check out the update show for some of the following:

  1. Cool Stuff – Jo in Montego, Marshall and Eliasib rocking the rope, Gary and Molly getting to click the Rx button, and Julie throwing down 2 rep squat snatch
  2. Shout-Outs to Gary, Molly, and Everyone else who clicked the Rx button, as well as Marshall for getting through the initial bouts of muscle soreness
  3. Weekly Programming – HS walk, Beast Crawl, Running, L-sit Pullup variations, Deficit Lunge transitions, and DB Deadlift technique

Good Luck and #keepmoving

Dr.J, Anti-net, Stay-Cee, B-mando

Levo Update Show

Episode 9

:12 Olympic Lifting Platforms / 1:15 Turf Touch-up / 1:45 Flash-Flooding / 2:12 Meet a Member – Jevon (2:50 Background; 3:20 Some Vomit; 3:47 Importance of Mobility; 4:00 Effect on Daily Life; 5:10 Why CrossFit Levo?) / 6:40 Shout-Outs (6:45 Rhonda McKissic & 7:42 Julie Heaney) / 9:15 Weekly Programming (9:27 Side Step & Abmat/GHD Situp; 10:02 Ring Dip; 10:32 Rope Climb)

Enjoy, Good Luck, & Keep Moving