February – Jodi

February’s aotm is

Jodi Y.!

The coaching staff and members are happy to announce the February 2020 Spotlight Athlete is Jodi Y!

After a lifetime of playing tennis competitively at all levels up through college, Jodi was looking for a new fitness passion. Jodi tried a number of different health and fitness routines including spin classes, running, and ashtanga yoga but realized something was missing. She yearned for the close community feeling that group fitness offers. While talking with some her friends from medical school, they thought CrossFit might match her fitness needs.

As a practicing medical resident, Jodi was aware of the stigma of CrossFit gyms. Jodi did her research and found CrossFit Levo. After completing the on-ramp program with Antoinette, Jodi noted, “that they would never force me to work overly hard or to the point where I would injure myself. Even on days when I’m tired or sore, I know I can still go in and get the workout done even if I have to modify a little more than usual.” Over the course of a few months, Jodi quickly became a regular at the 6 PM Elite Fitness Hour.

Her commitment has not waned since she bought her first pair of Nanos. It was not just the workouts that kept her coming back, but Jodi also says, “I LOVE Levo! Everyone is so nice and encouraging. I also think it’s cool that we have people of all ages, experiences and abilities in the gym.”

Even with her athletic background, Jodi is regularly putting in the work to improve.  According to Coach Stacy, “Jodi always comes in with a smile and great attitude.  She’s always looking for ways to progress, get better, and is willing to put into practice any suggestions that will help her reach her goals.” In the spirit of personal improvement and progression, Jodi is most proud of barbell work since it was the most intimidating part of CrossFit for her. With the help of the coaches and her hard work, she happily reports it is not as intimidating as it used to be. In addition to barbell work, Jodi loves picking up sand-filled neoprene spheres that are more than half her body weight and throwing them over her shoulder with aggressive hip extension, and she will gladly take deadball work over the dreaded overhead squat.

CrossFit has improved Jodi’s daily life as well. Prior to starting CrossFit, Jodi experience occasional knee pain while going up and down stairs. By strengthening the muscles, she no longer feels knee pain. CrossFit has also helped open her mind to new possibilities, and she has learned not to limit herself to her known strengths.