Athlete Spotlight

April’s Athlete of the Month is


Ok, it’s true that the community is not an individual athlete, but the coaches wanted to take an opportunity to tell everyone how much their presence in the community means. Without the continued support, CrossFit Levo does not happen. This unprecedented moment in CrossFit Levo’s history has highlighted the best in this community. Athletes have received equipment, logged in to Zoom classes, found creative ‘weights’, and continued to strive for lifelong health even during a very difficult time. The grace, patience, empathy, and humor shown by this community have helped continue to build the vision of Coaches Antoinette and Jared.

A quarter through the year, this community has rallied to support one another through the highs and lows. The year kicked off with everyone writing down their goal for the year and starting to formulate the plan of attack. Athletes like Molly H. continue to put work in after class to reach the first pull-up. Accomplishments like Chris K.’s first box jump, Jodi Y.’s first kipping HSPU, or Phillip W.’s 225# clean were celebrated throughout the gym. Even Colin is starting to arrive on time. The low points in life like a cancellation of a wedding brought the support of the community while enlisting the help of 2008 CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa. This year alone, there have been 450+ PRs and 2500+ individual class attendances. There is no doubt that the continued support of one another drives success in the gym.

In this time where the community cannot be together in person, take the opportunity to tell your favorite WOD partner how much you appreciate them, give them a virtual high five, and tell them how excited you will be to work out with them again. At the end of this CrossFit Levo will be even stronger because of the resiliency of this community.


March – Brian K

February – Jodi