Athlete Spotlight

January’s Athlete of the Month is Mark Mayfield!


I started CrossFit around Jan 2018, at another gym, bigger CrossFit gym, they didn’t work as closely with athletes on form and other important things so I tore my labrum in my right shoulder.
I started CrossFit to get in shape and for the camaraderie that is two things I love about Levo!

The coaches care and actually yell at you (help you) with form so you don’t hurt yourself.  And the people in the gym are awesome.  I go at all different times of the week and no matter what class everyone there is awesome and cares/pushes you/helps you with questions.  Just great coaches and great people

The group dynamic is what surprised me most about CrossFit.  Growing up I did kickboxing and was really good at it, grew really close to my teammates.
Everyone thinks fighting is an individual sport but it is the guys in training camp, your teammates that get you to that big fight.   The same thing in CrossFit, a competition might be team or individual but it is the guys/gals at the gym day in and day out, pushing you, even making fun of you at times, that get you prepared for that big event!