Athlete Spotlight

November’s Athlete of the Month is Emma Rosenthal!emma


I started CrossFit in August 2018 when a small gym opened up within walking distance of my apartment in a small town that didn’t have a gym before. I had been going to a gym about 25 minutes away and was doing a mixture of weight lifting and HIIT. I was ready to try something else and liked the idea of someone else programming for me.

I love pull-ups and hate snatches.

I was most surprised by how short the workouts are. When I first started, I would stay after class and ask for more work because I didn’t feel like I had done enough. That’s changed!

I‘ve really enjoyed Levo since I joined, the coaching staff is wonderful and they’re really dedicated to making sure every athlete gets the most out of every WOD. It’s also nice that Levo is so close to where I live and had class times that work well with my schedule.


August’s Athlete of the Month is Gary Kupferle!

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When did you start CrossFit? April 2019 (at Levo).

Why did you start CrossFit? I was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of 2018. I decided when I got my strength back after chemo, I was going to do some things I’d wanted to do/try but never did. CrossFit was at the top of that list.

What movements do you love and hate? Love: double-unders and thrusters. Hate: Overhead squat.

What surprised you the most about Crossfit? I’m surprised by how many different movements can seem so awkward, but I’m getting better.
What keeps you at Levo? Programming and people. For the programming, the workouts make me feel like I did something significant, am improving and have a progression option when I need it. For the people, the athletes and coaches are super-supportive.

We are happy to have you at Levo and appreciate all the hard work you put in!

July Athlete of the Month is Cecily Affleck!


This month we are recognizing Cecily, who is a staple at the 6AM class. She started Crossfit about 6-7 years, but states she has taken some breaks during those years. She was an avid runner , and believed she was fairly fit, until she stated Crossfit. She started for the simple reason of wanting to be strong. She loves cleans and says ” Even though I’m not very good, but it’s something I think I feel comfortable working on”. She is not a big fan of snatches, however, we think she will be in time!  She loves the community at Levo and is particularly fond of the coaching staff, she says ” All in all, I have found my happy place!” We are excited to see your progress and are grateful for you to be a member of Crossfit Levo!


June’s Athlete of the Month is Sam Steffen!

IMG_1328Sam started Crossfit in April of 2019. He decided to try Crossfit after the encouragement of his friend Andy, also a member of Levo. Sam has been a regular attendee of the 6AM class. Sam does not have a favorite or least favorite movement, he just is enjoying getting better at everything.

Initially, he believed he was too out of shape to start doing Crossfit, however he soon found out that all the workouts were scalable to all fitness levels.  He enjoys the close proximity and convenience of Crossfit Levo’s location, and also enjoys the camaraderie and motivation he gets from working out with people.


May’s Athlete of the Month is Zach Murphy!

zachZach started Crossfit in 2017 for several months, took a break and came back in 2018. He chose Crossfit because he wanted to try something different other than just going to a regular gym. He wanted to start becoming active again after getting out of the Army. Zach tells us his favorite movements are cleans and “skin-the-cats”. His least favorite movements are overhead squats and double unders, for now at least. He was surprise that while you feel like death during the workout, you actually don’t die. He enjoys Levo because it’s close to his house, and the community at Levo is fun to workout with. Keep it up Zach!

March’s Athlete of The Month is Kristina Stapleton!


Kristina is a long time member of Levo, and she’s also the vibrant face you encounter at the front desk when going to see Dr. J. We had a chance to sit down with her and ask her a couple questions about her fitness journey, and this is what she said:


When did you start Crossfit?

I started Crossfit in 2013.

Why did you start Crossfit?

I started because I was going to be a personal trainer, and he introduced me to it, and I just really wanted to try it.

Favorite movement?

My favorite movement is overhead squats and hand stand push-ups.

Least favorite movement?


What surprised you most about Crossfit?

Um…..I’ll have to get back to you on that.

What keeps you coming back to Levo?

The coaches, the community and all the amazing athletes that keep me going through my workouts!

February Athlete of Month is Ashley Rath!ashleyrath

When did you start Crossfit? 2014

Why did you start Crossfit? I was actually at the YMCA and a trainer came up and commented on my form running on a treadmill. I rolled my eyes and then signed up to workout with her. She was a “Crossfit” trainer and I looked like a crazy person doing wall walks at the YMCA by myself. I worked out with her for a few months before she moved away and then I joined an actual Crossfit gym.

What movements do you love and hate? I love cleans and handstand push-ups (except when there are 100 of them)! I despise wall balls but thrusters are a close second for movements I hate.
What surprised you the most about Crossfit? The community and the support from everyone, you can’t get that at any other gyms. I’ve tried. That and anyone can do Crossfit. I had never lifted weights before and never thought I’d be lifting the way I do now. It’s really surprising to see how Crossfit changes you physically and mentally when you’re working out on a regular basis.
What keeps you coming back to Levo? The workouts kick my ass every time! Much harder than where I came from. Also, everyone I’ve met has been really friendly. It helps to laugh and commiserate with others when you’re dying during a workout.

January’s Athletes Spotlight is Will Douglas!img_0500

Will started doing CrossFit in September 2018, and has been doing prescribed workouts since the beginning (We’re not jealous, it’s fine). Will started doing CrossFit because he liked the idea of enduring intense workouts with others, rather than working out a lot. It forced him to do workouts and movements outside his own comfort zone. He decided to join CrossFit Levo because of the personable members and coaches, and he also enjoyed the programming. His favorite movement is bar muscle ups, and his least favorite are Toes-To-Bar and GHD sit-ups. His goals for the upcoming year are to improve efficiency with all movement under fatigue and improving his overall endurance. We look forward to this next year for you Will!

December’s Athlete Spotlight is Stacy Swiney!

We are excited to announce that December 2018 is devoted to Stacy Swiney! Stacy is someone to admire as she has dedicated herself to always improving her health and fitness.

IMG_0305 She has been doing Crossfit since 2012, and joined Levo a little over a year ago. When it comes to mobility, Stacy is the one to talk too. She can be easily found in the gym thirty minutes before the workout, stretching and rolling out in preparation for the day ahead.  Not only is Stacy an active member, but we can’t forget to mention that she is also a dedicated coach at Levo. She received her L1 in 2016, and has made great strides in learning and improving her coaching skills.  She reports that her favorite movement are cleans, and her least favorite movement are the dreaded toes-to-bar. We cant stress enough how vital Stacy is to the community at Levo and we appreciate  all the dedication she has put in to improve not only her own fitness, but the athletes as well! Great job Stacy


November’s Athlete Spotlight is Dan Cayce!

Dan has been at Levo for several months and has shown a determination for fitness. Dan recently moved to the area from Columbia, Mo. Dan started Crossfit four years ago, after attending a fundraiser for his cousin, Kevin Ogar, He was impressed by the support the community provided to a fellow athlete in a time of need.

Dan regularly attends the 6pm “Elite Fitness Hour”, and enjoys the friendly competitive spirit of the class. His favorite Crossfit Games athlete is Jason Khalipa and his favorite movements are burpees, snatch and toes-to-bar. His goals this year include improving his ring muscle technique and hitting a 180# snatch. Keep working hard!

October’s Athlete Spotlight is Allison Keeler!

Allison has shown the determination  to improve her fitness every time she steps into the gym. Allison has tried several other fitness regiments and had been  looking for more of a challenge, and gave CrossFit a shot. She has being doing CrossFit since 2014, and has attend several gyms in the past but realized she had found the gym for her at CrossFit Levo.

Allison enjoys the community and the challenge that CrossFit brings to her fitness regiment. She says her goals for upcoming year are strict pull-ups and handstand push-ups. Oh! Did we mention she recently got married to Coach Brian? (Congrats!)

Allison is true testament to the drive it takes to accomplish your goals and we are     extremely grateful to have her in our community!

September’s Athlete Spotlight is a double feature! Bobby Stapleton and Jim Welch!

Over the past couple months, there has been a friendship brewing between Bobby and Jim. Almost every Saturday you can catch these two athletes, working side-by-side striving to get more fit. Jim has been doing Crossfit for 2 years, and enjoys the group format and support from the other athletes. Bobby got into Crossfit because of his wife, Kristina.  Jim enjoys deadlifting, and Bobby reports that his favorite movement, is foam rolling ( We agree!).  They both that having a workout partner in the gym allows them to find motivations and feed off each other’s energy.

Bobby and Jim both have become active members of the Crossfit Levo we look forward to both of them achieving their fitness goals!

August’s Athlete of the Month is Grant Beavers!

Grant started Crossfit just a few months ago in May 2018 and quickly has a passion for the sport. Grant is a currently enlisted in  the United States Army Reserves , and through that experience had found a drive to update his fitness regiment. Working fairly close to Crossfit Levo, he decided to take a chance and become a member. We decided to ask Grant some questions to find out a little more about him:

Why did you start at Crossfit Levo?

“My fitness wasn’t were I wanted it to be, having been in the Army, I wanted to find a fitness program that included both strength and cardio.”

Whats your favorite movement so far?

“…. the Snatch for sure.”

Favorite WOD?

” There’s been too many…..”    We know how you feel. 🙂

You got a chance to watch the 2018 Crossfit Games this weekend, so who is your favorite Games Athlete?

“Josh Bridges and Katrin Davidsdottir ( I like blonde’s).”

Whats your favorite things about Levo?

“The coaches and the athletes”

Whats your goal over the next year?

“To get my first bar muscle-up.”  

We want to extend our congratulations to Grant for all the hard work he had put in these past couples months and we look forward to seeing you massive PR’s in the near future.

-Crossfit Levo


June’s Athlete of the Month is Allison Sutter!   

Allison is a veteran pilot of the United State Air Force, and currently is a pilot for United Airlines. Allison has managed to maintain a regular fitness routine at Levo even in the midst of her unpredictable work schedule.

Allison’s favorite work-outs include anything with cardio, and she is also a very good runner, as she has completed a couple marathons in the past. She took part in the Crossfit Games Open this year, and reported no issues with her tendinitis, which she acquired during active duty.

Allison is an inspiration to all the athletes at Levo, and proves that making fitness a priority is the right choice for her. We look forward to seeing her progress and achieving all the goals she has set for herself this year.

Meet Matthew Warman!

Matthew came to CrossFit Levo from the United Kingdom, and became an active member of the community, both in the gym and outside of the gym. With just one month of CrossFit training prior to arriving in the United States, Matthew increased his strength and continued to learn new skills, as well as competing in his very first CrossFit Games Open. Matthew will be missed, as it was a pleasure to have him in our gym, and we look forward to hearing about his continued progress and wish him all the success. You will always be an honorary member of Levo!


Meet Byford,

This self-proclaimed “avid indoorsman” was still trying to bounce back from an ACL reconstruction surgery when he became one of the first to join Levo in May of this year.

He had periods of athleticism in his life but he NEVER could jump rope. His own mother had deemed him physically incapable.  Add that mental block to the physical strain jumping has on knees, he didn’t think he’d ever do it. He showed up to do work though, and was encouraged to try.  He got some tips and he threw some fits but before long he beat that long-held impression of himself and now jumps that rope!