About Us

Antoinette Williams – Gym Manager

CrossFitLevo(1of1)-3_preview.jpeg3Training within CrossFit since 2009, competing on a team at the Regional level, and coaching along side some of the best athletes in the world, you may think that Antoinette would work exclusively with top end athletes.  Nothing could be further from the truth, as her passion for helping anyone improve their Health & Fitness significantly outweighs her pedigree.  She is phenomenal with a very broad and inclusive client population – young and old, advanced and beginner, hungry and timid.  She is a fierce competitor when it comes to training, but also when helping others improve.  She is ready to help you NOW.

Dr. Jared Van Anne – Director

Coming from a multi-sport background, training within CrossFit since 2010, and having a Masters in Sport Science & Rehabilitation as well as being a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Jared brings an enormous amount of experience and expertise to CrossFit Levo.  And just like Coach Antoinette, though he has worked with amazing, high-end athletes his passion for helping anyone move better and experience greater capability is not limited to any specific group.  He is ready to help you NOW.

Brandon Reid – Coach

Brandon started Crossfit Levo in 2017. Crossfit Levo was his introduction to the Crossfit methodology, and hasn’t stopped since. He received his Level 1 Certification in July of 2020 and you can count on his classes being high energy, full of laughs and having the best soundtrack to listen to during  your fitness hour  (tested & proven). Brandon has a profound passion for coaching individuals to reach their full potentials at all various fitness levels.  If you want to be healthy and have fun , then let’s get started NOW!