Hoodies, ACH, New Cycle, ASM, & Ms. Laura!

LUS – Episode 212

Hello Levo Family, Welcome to the 212th edition of the Levo Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • Hoodies – Really cool Levo Gear available now until Sunday October 8th.  Follow the links in Wodify or CLICK HERE to get access to the store.  Thank you for supporting the community!
  • ACH We want your investments to stay in house and not go to a credit card company.  So, we are asking you to switch your payment method to ACH.  CLICK HERE for instructions.  If you see that your membership is a few dollars more this month, it’s because we are no longer absorbing the transaction fees.  Switching to ACH should eliminate most if not all of the fees!  Thank you.
  • New Cycle – Back Squat and Shoulder Press focus with some skill development on Olympic Lifting.  Should be a lot of fun!
  • ASM ­If you are serious about communicating your goals (which increases the likelihood of achieving them), then talk to Abby or any of the coaches to set up a Strategy Session.  We can’t wait to hear about what you plan to achieve.
  • Shout Out – This week’s shout-out goes to Laura Priaulx from the 12pm class.  She always brings fun and positivity to each class, but she recently brought in a new member.  In the past, we didn’t have the best system of bringing in new members, but now with Brooke, Antoinette, Myles, Abby, and the rest of our coaching staff we can take just about anyone from just about any background and get them rolling.  Thank you, Laura, for being a great member and increasing our membership with more people like you! 

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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