Games, New Cycle, Running, and Shirts!

LUS – Episode 205

Hello Levo Family, Welcome to the 204th edition of the Levo Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • CrossFit Games – The best of the best in the world competed this weekend in the culmination of the CrossFit Games.  If you’ve seen it, you get it.  If not, check it out with an open mind.  Sometimes seeing these people can be intimidating to the 99.99% of us who can’t do what they do.  Just remember that it should be motivating to push towards your next “PERSONAL” accomplishment.
  • New Cycle – They are hitting the overhead position very hard.  Some of us will love the opportunity and others will despise it.  Remember overhead position is directly correlated to shoulder and neck health.  If you have it, you will age well.  If you don’t, you will age different than well… aka … lots of pain, degeneration, and limitation.  Let’s all get better at overhead shapes!!!
  • August Running Seminar ­It is August 19th at 9 am in place of the normal partner workout.  Don’t worry there will be a pre and post running workout to test and retest what you learn in the seminar.  It will be awesome!
  • Shirts – Look for the link in your Wodify app, in the yellow writing in the workouts each day, and for other emails to get your order in.  The store will close on the 19th so don’t forget to order your new Levo gear!

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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