Kaitlyn, Ninja Week, Running, and Strategy Sessions!

LUS – Episode 204

Hello Levo Family, Welcome to the 204th edition of the Levo Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • Kaitlyn and Competition – Kaitlyn competed this weekend against elite level competition.  And though she runs circles around most of us, it doesn’t change the fact that we all experience the same grind inside and out.  Whether competition for you is traveling to workout with the elite or just fighting your subconscious to show up to a single workout, embrace that fight… and win!
  • End of the Cycle – So many PR’s!  Great job embracing the grind with this cycle and hitting big PR’s in front squat, bench press, and deadlift as well as improving your ability with pullups, box jumps, and handstand pushups.  Enjoy de-load/ninja week!
  • August Running Seminar ­We are tentatively putting it down for Saturday the 19th.  We will confirm this over the next few days and have all the details for you by the end of the week.
  • ASM – Strategy Sessions – Talk with any coach or specifically with Abby to get a strategy session scheduled.  This significantly increases your chances of reaching your goals!!!

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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