Mayhem Affiliate At Home 5/22/2023

CrossFit Levo – At Home

Warm-up (Checkmark)

10 yd walk on toes

10 yd walk to toes backwards

10 yd walk on heels

10 yd walk feet turned out

10 yd walk feet turned in

10 yd lunge walk-arms locked out overhead

10 yd lunge walk – torso twist towards forward leg

10 yd butt kickers

10 yd high knees

10 yd bear crawl forward

10 yd bear crawl backward


3 Rounds:

50m Run

10 Scapular Push Ups

4 Inchworm

4 Dynamic Squat Stretch

4 Jumping Air Squats

Demo Videos

Hinshaw Warm up

Scapular Push Ups


Dynamic Squat Stretch

Jumping Air Squat

Bodyweight AND Minimal


Metcon (Time)

Hawaii Bodyweight and Minimal

8 Rounds for Time

200m Run

10 Hand Release Push Up

10 Jumping Air Squats

“Backpack Option”

8 Rounds for Time

200m Backpack Run

10 Backpack Push Ups

10 Backpack Back Squat

“M30 Scaled”

8 Rounds for Time

1:00 Standing Marches

10 Elevated Knee Push Ups

10 Modified Tuck Ups AKA Squat to Bench with Seated High Knees

“Mayhem Moms”

8 Rounds for Time

1:00 Slow and Controlled Skater Side Jumps

10 Incline Push Ups OR Knee Push Ups

10 Modified Tuck Ups AKA Squat to Bench with Seated High Knees

*Workout Strategy & Flow*

Last “Murph Prep Monday” before we complete the “Murph” Hero Workout.

This is a fun way to work on your breathing and transitions between movements.

8 rounds for time, with no built in rest here….so it’s all up to you how fast you go and when you ‘rest’ (if you rest)

Run : Be smart, we want to move fast, but we aren’t sprinting these. You will be running 1 mile total by the end of this workout 🙂

Hand Release Push Ups : Aim to complete at least 5 unbroken. Feel free to rest on the floor for a few seconds between reps or sit up and shake those arms out. But don’t rest too long!! If you cannot complete 5 unbroken, check out the substitution options below and choose one that allows you to complete it

Jumping Air Squat : Aim to complete these 10 reps unbroken each round. If you know you will struggle with that in later rounds, then start with 2 sets of 5 from the beginning.


Run —–> either 1:00 of High Knees OR 1:00 of Butt Kicks OR High Knees to Jumping Jacks . Whichever one you choose, stick with the same one for ALL 8 rounds.


Wall Sit (Time)

Accumulate a 5:00 Wall Sit

*Every time you break, perform 10 Supermans

It’s back! We tested this about a month ago. Let’s see if you can get this done faster than before and/or in less breaks.

Demo Videos

Wall Sit – hips/knees at a 90 degree angle. Back nice and flat against the wall. Do not rest your hands on your legs.

See how long you can hold it each time. If you can hold for 2:30 and only break once


Your score will be the total time it takes you to accumulate the 5 minutes and complete your Superman “penalty”


You are going to start a clock. Hold a wall sit for as long as you can. If you break/rest at the 1:30, then you will do 10 Superman’s and get back on the wall to hold for another long attempt. (Keep the clock going). If you break again at the 3:30 mark. Repeat those 10 Superman’s and then get back on the wall.

Bonus Stretching (Checkmark)

:30 Wrist Stretches

:30 Twisted Cross (each arm)

:30 Thread the Needle (each arm)

:30 Seated Tricep Stretch (each arm)


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