Levo Update Show – Episode 187

Open Winner, New Cycle, Mayhem, & Leslie

Hello Levo Family,

Welcome to the 187th edition of the Levo Update Show.  Here are the highlights:

  • Open Winner – It was an amazing 3 weeks of back and forth, but Team OD Green prevails by 25 points out of over 18,000 points… so super close! 
  • New Cycle – DB Thruster, Overhead Squat (some Options), and Various Gymnastics in Regular Programming.  Bench Press and various arm press as well as Deadlift and various arm pull in Levo Up Strength.  Levo Up Endurance will also still be a thing on off days of the Regular Cycle.
  • Mayhem Programming – We are investing in external programming from CrossFit Mayhem that we spot modify for you (CrossFit Levo Community).  It is most likely the best programming in the world, so get ready for some GAINZ!!!
  • Leslie – She started CrossFit anxious about weight and safety and she is now throwing around heavy weight with ease and feeling stronger and safer than ever.  Give it up for Leslie and talk with her about how she overcame some preconceived notions. 

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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