Levo Update Show – Episode 183

New Cycle, Intramural, Construction, and Zach

Hello Levo Family,

Welcome to the 183rd edition of the Levo Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • New Cycle – We will be continuing our Olympic lifting efficiency with position work for the snatch and the clean, as well as working push press and push jerks in a complex.  Some of you will love it, while others will struggle.  Do your best to make incremental games knowing that all things will change soon enough.
  • Open Intramural – Antoinette just sent out an email with more details on scoring.  Check your inbox or just start looking/asking around the gym for more details.
  • Construction – There may be a leak underneath the floor over by the GHD’s.  I will know more soon about whether or not it is on our side of the building and if and when there will be construction.  Hopefully it will be a quick fix and there won’t be much disruption.  Regardless, be nice to the workers if they are there and I will keep you posted on anything I know when I know it.
  • Zach Humbard – Zach is this week’s featured athlete.  He is always the most consistent, but when he makes it in he brings his A game.  He also forces himself to do hard things sometimes which don’t go unnoticed.  We all have things that could keep us away from the gym.  Sometimes the gains come from making excuses to come to the gym.  Keep up the good work Zach! 

Sneak Peek at the Week – Ninja Week (end of cycle)


  • Monday – Shoulder to Overhead, Wall walk, Hang Power Cleans
  • Tuesday – Snatch Complex into Chest to Bar and Burpee
  • Wednesday – Clean Complex into Shuttle Run and Abmat Situp
  • Thursday – Push Press/Jerk Complex into TTB, DU, Singles, and more TTB
  • Friday – Row Squat Combos

Levo Up Programming

Day 1 – Monday

  • Strength – Jerk Complex (BTN/FR) into Strict Press + FR Hold EMOM
  • Endurance – Same as Regular
  • Capacity – Hang Power Clean, STOH, CTB, and Heavy Wallball

Day 2 – Friday

  • Strength – Deadlift into Bear Hug Squat + Satts Press EMOM
  • Endurance – Same as Regular
  • Capacity – Heavy Deadlift, RMU, Power Clean, BMU, Power Snatch

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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