Levo Update Show – Episode 181

CrossFit Open, Open Intramural, & Eric Bals

Hello Levo Family,

Welcome to the 180th edition of the Levo Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • Open Intramural Draft– It has happened.  It wasn’t live like we advertised, but life happens sometimes and you have to adjust… next year, people, next year.  Watch the draft on our Facebook page or the Members of Levo Group.  If you aren’t a member yet, request access so you can see the video of the Draft… fun!
  • Late Entries – It was shocking, but some of you don’t listen to my videos or even read my emails… sniffle, sniffle.  If that is you and you are finding out late about this Intramural fun and you want it… just talk to us and we’ll get you situated. 
  • Eric Bals – So Mr. Eric was my partner at the Saturday Partner Throwdown/Sweat Sesh and I was very impressed by his efforts.  Not just on Saturday but over the last several months as well.  Just like all of us, he is working to make improvements.  But, his commitment to training has already seen him make some massive gains.  Thanks for not crying when you had to be my partner and keep kicking ass in the gym… HOORAY Eric!

Sneak Peek at the Week


  • Monday – Clean & Jerk Complex into Power Clean-Bar Over Burpee
  • Tuesday – Snatch Complex into Knee To Elbow-Overhead Squat
  • Wednesday – Row or Run-HSPU Repeats
  • Thursday – Front/Back Squat into DB Thruster-Box Step Up
  • Friday – Double Under-Wallball-Box Jump Over Descention

Levo Up Programming

Day 1 – Wednesday

  • Strength – Front Squat, E2MOM of CTB and HSPU
  • Endurance – Rounds of Row-HSPU-BMU-RMU
  • Capacity – HSPU and Power Clean AMRAP

Day 2 – Thursday

  • Strength – Push Press, E2MOM of Deadlift and Pistols
  • Endurance – Rounds of Cal Bike-CTB-Wallball-Double Under
  • Capacity – CTB and Power Snatch AMRAP

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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