Levo Update Show – Episode 180

CrossFit Open, Open Intramural, & Brian Kauling

Hello Levo Family,

Welcome to the 179th edition of the Levo Update Show.  Here are the highlights:

  • Momentum– If you’re like me, this might be the first “normal” week of 2023.  We’ve seen great attendance thus far… keep it up!
  • CrossFit Open – It starts on February 16th.  If you are competitive and want to compare your fitness to everyone in the world, register at games.crossfit.com.
  • Our Open Intramural – If you are in the majority of the gym and don’t necessarily care about competition, we have something for you.  Our Open Intramural is much more based on fun, community, and engagement than what you scored on the workout.  Watch the video for more specifics but here are some of the big concepts:
    • Friday Night Lights – 6 PM every Friday for rolling heats of the workout.  Support your team, hit the workout, have a ton of fun (you can do your workout at other times if you can’t make it)
    • Best Athletes are Least Valuable – Our scoring is more based on fun, participation, and engagement.  So, if you are loud and fun… or maybe just focused… you will be very valuable to your team regardless of your score in the workout.
    • Draft – Antoinette and I will be drafting from the members that register to form our teams.  We will live stream this draft.
    • Wager – The winner of the Open Intramural will design a workout for the loser to do at the party in front of all participants… oh, boy!  If I win, it will involve a skip-it and a hula-hoop.
    • Shirts – Each participant will get a shirt that they can wear throughout the year as a reminder of the thrill of victory or agony defeat. Men’s are unisex and Women’s are tanks.
    • Party – We will have a Pizza Party (Mellow Mushroom… good pizza) at the end of the competition to celebrate and watch the losing person suffer through the workout. 
    • Registration – There are 3 Levels (Rx, Intermediate, Scaled/Masters).  Guess which one you are and we can always modify if necessary. 
    • Cost – $30 to participate.  Realistically to cover the shirt and the party at the end. It will be billed to your wodify account.
  • Brian Kauling – Brian has been a member since 2019, but a CrossFitter for quite some time.  He and his wife both work hard and 14 months ago they added a baby girl to their life.  Long story short life is complex, but Brian has goals and is staying committed.  His focus on nutrition, at home accessory workouts, and carving out time to make it to the gym will get him his goal – Dad Bod to Beach Bod by Summer.  Good Luck and we are excited to see your transformation… keep it up Brian! 

Sneak Peek at the Week


  • Monday – Pushup/Pullup/Deadlift into Snatch Complex
  • Tuesday – Front/Back Squat into TTB/Power Snatch
  • Wednesday – Cardio Crusher with Rowing and Burpee mix
  • Thursday – Clean & Jerk Complex into Thruster/Shuttle Run
  • Friday – Lunges/Double Unders/Pullups

Levo Up Programming

Day 1 – Wednesday

  • Strength – Push Press, E2MOM of Deadlift and Pistols
  • Endurance – Rounds of Row-BF Burpee-OHS-BF Burpee-Row
  • Capacity – Cal Row and Heavy Wallball AMRAP

Day 2 – Thursday

  • Strength – Front Squat, E2MOM of CTB and HSPU
  • Endurance – Rounds of Bike-Burpee-Wallball-Burpee-Bike
  • Capacity – Double Under, BMU, HS Walk, & GHD Situp Amrap

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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