Levo Update Show – Episode 169

Great Start, Bring a Friend Friday, and Ms. Patricia

Hello Levo Family,

Welcome to the 169th edition of the Levo Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • Great Start – Get ready to Squat but bamboo-style in an overhead or front squat fashion.  Powerlifter will be in paradise with a Pause Deadlift and Bench Press exposure.  This is going to be fun!
  • Bring a Friend Friday – Line up a fitness date with your BFF for Levo’s BFF.  It will by Friday November 4th.  It will be a fun partner workout that is very scalable so everyone should feel comfortable to scale up or down.  If you have a friend, contact Antoinette to get the waiver signed before then. 
  • Shout Out – This week’s shout out goes to Ms. Patricia.  I always see her on Saturdays, and she always has a smile on her face.   Antoinette recently caught her doing some GHD sit-ups.  Congrats to her for trying new things and increasing her capacities.  Keep it up!

Sneak Peek at the Week


  • Monday – Bench Press into Run, Thruster, Burpee Box Jump Over
  • Tuesday – Row or Bike, Double Unders, and DBall to Shoulders
  • Wednesday – Bamboo Squat into Farmer Carry, GHD Situp, HS or Plank Hold EMOM
  • Thursday – Bike/Row, Wall ball Sandwich
  • Friday – Pause Deadlift into Burpee Box Jump, Cal Row Sandwich

Levo Up

Day 1 – Tuesday

  • Strength – Back Squat, E2MOM of :30 Rope Climb/:30 GHD Situp
  • Endurance – 3 Rds of all the DB Overhead + HS Walk
  • Capacity – Moderate Snatch, Wallball, TTB

Day 2 – Thursday

  • Strength – Bent Row, E2MOM of :30 Pistol/:30 Pushup
  • Endurance – Cal Bike, Burpee/Wallball combo, Cal Bike
  • Capacity – Moderate Power Clean, BF Burpee, CTB

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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