Levo Update Show – Episode 163

Molly, Goals, and Swimming

Hello Levo Family,

Welcome to the 162nd edition of the Levo Update Show.  Here are the highlights:

  • Shout Out – This week’s shout out goes to Molly from the evening/assorted classes.  Molly has been a long-time member and has always brought the fun.  You can get a dose of her humor on the Instagram page and the Members of Levo Facebook group.  Thanks for being a great member!
  • New Cycle & Goals– We have a week under our belt, and we are pushing towards gains.  You’ve probably noticed us talking to you about goals.  We want to know have short term goals for the cycle, medium range goals for the next baseline test, and long-term goals for the BHAG’s.  We also need to know what they are… which is why we are asking.  If you have goals and we haven’t grabbed you yet, initiate a conversation with a coach so we can get things on paper!
  • Swimming – I was trying to get this out before swimming today at Parkway North, but I couldn’t quite make it happen.  No worries because there will be more swimming in 2 weeks.  It was an awesome turnout of about 12 and Kian took care of each and every one of us.  Some were crushing it and some were getting crushed and some were in the middle.  In other words, if you are nervous… don’t be.  There will be another person there in the same “speedo!”  A huge thank you to Coach Kian and the Parkway Swim Club!

Sneak Peek at the Week


  • Monday – Bamboo Press into Bike, Double Under and DBall to Shoulder
  • Tuesday – Muscle ups, Box Jumps and Situps
  • Wednesday – Temp Front Squat into Karen
  • Thursday – Box Jump, TTB, Burpee Pullup Pyramid
  • Friday – Hang Squat Clean/Pullup EMOM into Goblet Lunge * ½ KBS

Levo Up

Day 1 – Tuesday

  • Strength – Bench Press, E2MOM of 3 Power Clean/10 Lateral Raise and Rest
  • Endurance – Row, Overhead Walking Lunge, Heavy Wallball
  • Capacity – Power Clean, Heavy Wallball, and Double Under

Day 2 – Thursday

  • Strength – Deadlift, E2MOM of :25s HSPU/:25s Hamstring Curl and Rest
  • Endurance – Bike, Run, Burpee
  • Capacity – HS Walk, TTB, HS Walk, GHD, Heavy Snatch

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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