Levo Update Show – Episode 154

Vacation, Nutrition, Triathlon, & Contrast Therapy

Hello People,

Welcome back to the 154th edition of the Levo Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • Vacation – Just got back from one and I’m charged up and ready to get back to the gym… mostly because my waist line demands it!
  • Nutrition – Yay Segway! We wanted to be done this week, but we have some user experience things to shore up. Look next week.
  • Triathlon – We will be getting a sign up sheet going so we know who is committed and we can structure some group training.
  • Contrast Therapy – Our good CrossFit pal Josh Hildebrandt does contrast therapy (ice bath into dry sauna) down in the Brentwood area. Talk to Antoinette about it if you’re interested.

Sneak Peek at the Week

  • Monday – Bamboo Press into BMU/Power Clean
  • Tuesday – Chest to Bar/Cardio/Power Snatch Chaser WOD
  • Wednesday – Hang Squat Clean-Chest to Bar EMOM into DB front rack lunge & DU’s
  • Thursday – Deadlift and Burpee Box Jump Over E2MOM
  • Friday – 1-1/2 Front Squat into 1 mile Wallball Run
Levo Up

Day 1 – Tuesday

  • Strength – Snatch Balance + OHS and Supine Ring Row
  • Endurance – 30 min AMRAP Run, DU, Row, DU
  • Capacity – “Amanda & Friends,” Ring MU, Snatch, CTB, & Pistols

Day 2 – Thursday

  • Strength – Bench Press, Pushup, & Back Rack Lunge
  • Endurance – 27 min AMRAP, Burpee, Bike, Wallball, Run
  • Capacity – Jimmy Press Dead Strict Pullup, GHD Situp, Push Press, Deadlift, & DU’s

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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