Levo Update Show – episode 153

New Cycle, New People, & Value Focus

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to the 153rd edition of the Levo Update Show. If you’re going to watch one of these each month… or ever, this is the one. Here are the highlights:

  • New Cycle – We are continuing our progression with neck, mid back, and shoulder strength and stability with bamboo presses, hang squat cleans with chest to bar variations, and 1 and 1/2 front squats. Levo Up programming will keep us connected to the previous cycle with a snatch balance into overhead squat complex matched with supine ring rows. We will round out programming with a bench press into pushup combo with back rack lunges. Endurance will have a “triathlon” flare focusing on a lot of running, biking, and core. The capacity track will pick up anything we missed in regular programming. Yeah buddy!
  • New Faces – There are a lot of new faces in the gym which is amazing considering inflation and recession. Thank you for investing in us to help with your health & fitness progression. We take your commitment very seriously.
  • Value – We are continuing or focus to maximize value in each class you attend. You may have already noticed, but each class is following a specific coaching concept. We start with an introduction to make you aware of what’s coming, we try to bring fun and community into a specific and intentional warmup, we discuss what you should be prepared for prior to the workout with a “stimulus” discussion, and then we bring it all together with a class and/or athlete specific close. Know that you can talk with your coach at any of these points for verification.

Sneak Peek at the Week

Regular Programming

  • Monday – McGhee… Long Grinder
  • Tuesday – Bamboo Press into Devil Press & HSPU
  • Wednesday – 1.5 Front Squat into DB Step-over and TTB
  • Thursday – Hang Squat Clean/CTB into Bike, Box Over, and DBall Clean
  • Friday – A lot of stuff a lot of times

Levo Up Programming

Strength Track
  • Day 1 – Snatch Balance + OHS into Supine Ring Row
  • Day 2 – Bench Press + Max Effor Pushup into Back Rack Lunge
Endurance Track
  • Day 1 – Long Bike into Quick Run
  • Day 2 – Cal Row, GHD Situp, Run
  • “Agony” – check it out and give it a try. Run, Thruster, Burpee, Rest, Repeat
  • Open-ish – GHD Situps, HSPU, Dball to Shoulder, Double Unders

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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