Levo Update Show – Episode 147

Champions, Communions, & Cylces

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to the 147th edition of the Levo Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • Yes, I am in a 10 year-olds bedroom in the midst of NBA legends. So similar to being in the midst of Women’s Hockey Champions at the gym. Congratulations ladies for using CrossFit to supplement your awesomeness on the ice.
  • We are in Kansas City for a First Communion, but always committed to the Levo Community.
  • Great job on the first week of the cycle. Everyone should know where they are at and where they can progress over the next 3-4 weeks leading into Murph. If you missed a day of the cycle, no worries. Pay attention to other members and talk with your coach to ensure that you know what to do and how to do it.

Sneak Peek at the Week

Regular Programming

  • Monday – Gymnastics Component into Renegade Row, HSPU couplet.
  • Tuesday – Clean-Front Squat Component into Lunge, Wall Walk couplet.
  • Wednesday – Cardio Chipper
  • Thursday – Monster EMOM
  • Friday – Push Press/Push Jerk Component into DB Push Press, Burpee couplet.

Levo Up Programming

Day 1

  • Capacity – Power Snatch, Pistol, Pushup
  • Endurance – Sprint, Burpee, Air Squat
  • Strength – Deadlift, Bench Press (6×4)

Day 2

  • Capacity – Single Arm OHS, RMU, GHD Sit-up, D-Ball SQUAT Clean
  • Endurance – Row, Pushup, Run, Pushup, Bike, Pushup
  • Strength – Back Squat, Bent Row (6×4)

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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