Levo Update Show – Episode 144

Birthday, Baseline, & Competitions

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to the 144th edition of the Levo Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I feel blessed to have such excellent people surrounding me… that means you! Thanks again!
  • We are coming to the end of our first 4 week micro-cylce, meaning Baseline Week is coming up. Keep working hard on your progressions and get excited to retest. On the contrary, life happens sometimes. If you haven’t had the last 3 months that you were hoping for, no worries. Baseline Week isn’t always about PR’ing. Most often it’s about testing out what has worked and what hasn’t. Let the information you gather help you modify and improve the next 3-4 months.
  • The gym already has a couple of teams going to the “Back Lot Bout” on June 18th. Click the link for more information if you want to compete or support the community. We love seeing our members compete, but if it’s not for you… keep kicking but in the gym.
  • Supplemental Programming is up on the board behind the GHD’s. It will be populated each week with new workout tracks to help you supplement our foundational programming. What to do and how to approach them is on the board. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Sneak Peek at the Week

  • Monday – “Great Bells of Fire”
  • Tuesday – Snatch/OHS
  • Wednesday – DB Snatch/BMU
  • Thursday – Handstand Pushup Progression & Capacity Training
  • Friday – Brogramming into Squat Clean/Situp

Good luck and #keepmoving

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