CrossFit Open 22.3 – Breakdown, Warmup, & Keys

Gymnastic Pull Progression, Dubs, and Ascending Weight Thrusters

Hello People!

Oh my! The 2022 CrossFit Open is coming to an end with a BANG! Everything that 22.2 wasn’t is jam packed into 22.3. Pullups, Chest to Bar, and Bar Muscle Ups, as well as progressively heavier Thrusters. It’s gonna be a grinder!

This video discusses the approach that will help you stay safe and maximize your repetitions.


  • Pullup Progression – You either have them or you don’t. Know where you are at and how you need to approach the repetitions to maximize performance and minimize frustration
  • Double Unders – You either have them or you don’t. Find a relaxing rhythm, fight through and progress to new efficiency, or just get as many as you can. If you are doing singles, plow away and move on, baby!
  • Thrusters – Its a Front Squat into a Push Press. Make sure you are prepped and ready for both and then make sure you can effortlessly sequence them together. There are 2 main issues. First, a bad front rack position kills your efficiency and burns energy needlessly. Warmup to the best front rack possible (mid spine, shoulder, tricep, forearm). Second, don’t rush the push press. Be patient out of the bottom of the squat and explode that bar over head at about 2-3 inches from the top of the squat. In other words, wait to find the push press position and then get to work!

Do your best and remember that you have done the CrossFit Open. That alone puts you in an elite category regardless of scaled or prescribed. At the end of the day, know that I am proud of you. But also know that I expect you to learn and improve so you can kick ass until your last day!

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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