Levo Update Show – Episode 126

COVID Update and 4-Day Closure

Hello My Friends,

Let me first say that I hope you are all well and I pray that what’s going on doesn’t greatly affect you or your loved ones. I’d also like to thank everyone, and especially my staff, for your patience and understanding as we get on top of this situation.

Now, if you are ever going to watch a video of the Levo Update Show… this would be the one because there is a ton to unpack. Regardless, I will include the normal bullet points that “briefly” discuss the main points.

  • Prior to Thanksgiving, there was an infected person who came to the gym prior to showing any symptoms. Over the next week it was discovered that 3 other class members tested positive. Information on symptom sets, dates of symptoms, positive tests, and other specific information were collected and then a gym-wide email was created as well as Close Contact emails. That situation has seemingly been contained.
  • However, we have now had 2 other positive cases within the gym that have most likely come from sources outside the gym. With Covid-19 numbers spiking and hospital admissions increasing, we thought it necessary to take action.
  • We are closing the gym through Tuesday of this week with the last day of gym activity being Friday, December 3rd (4+ days of no contact). We ask everyone to take this time to monitor your symptoms and get tested if you feel it is the right thing for you to do. The hope is to allow the contacts at the gym to significantly diminish so that those who are positive can quarantine/isolate and those who are negative have ample time to confirm that status. We are also going to clean the gym thoroughly and prepare for 2020 Covid protocols (distancing, disinfecting, and ventilation). That said, wear a mask if it’s the right thing for you to do, respect other members’ space, and dress in layers knowing that the gym doors will be opened to increase ventilation and dilute any unknown exposures. We’ve been through this before so we know we can create a safe training environment. But we also know that this time around is very different!… see below
  • From all the data I’ve collected, I think it’s important to share these findings as opposed to waiting for the CDC to make a statement. None of these are supported by randomized, double-blind, clinical trials, but they are very common sense observations that I believe are VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW AND CONSIDER.
  • FEVER AND LOSS OF TASTE AND SMELL are no longer good screening mechanisms. In the past, fever was a great way to screen. And we will say, if you have a fever then you should operate as if you have Covid until proven otherwise. The unfortunate truth is that none of the infected people that I spoke with listed fever as a symptom. Moreover, they stated that loss of taste or smell did not come until day 5-7 of the infection. Therefore, fever and loss of taste and smell are not good metrics to self-screen. So, what are good symptoms to screen?…
  • Just about everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated, stated that their main symptoms were either allergy-like, head cold, sinus, or simply a cough. And because allergies, head colds, sinus infections, and seasonal coughs are going around right now, most of these individuals didn’t get tested until 5-7 days after their initial symptoms started. So, if you come down with any of those vague symptom sets I will tell you honestly that you should have Covid-19 at the top of your list until proven otherwise. So, how do I know if I have Covid-19?…
  • You a few options. Walgreens and CVS can do drive through PCR tests or rapid tests, but they may take awhile to get the results. Coach Brandon went to a local urgent care where they were doing the tests for free and he got his results in less than a half an hour. If you want to have tests on hand and for your family, the at home antigen tests are a good option (BinaxNow or QuickVue). You can get them at or order them from Walgreens and CVS. The only problem with the at home antigen tests is that they could miss a very early infection, which is why they want you to do 2 tests spread by at least 36 hours. However, if you are symptomatic, they are very accurate at providing a confirmation. But, I’m vaccinated so it shouldn’t matter, right?…
  • From the gathered information, the vaccine is doing exactly what it was designed to do which was reduce spread and symptom intensity of Covid-19. Comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated people, the vaccinated individuals had symptoms that were much more mild and shorter in duration while infecting fewer people. The vaccinated people had more severe symptoms that lasted much longer and they spread the infection to a greater degree. Therefore, if you are vaccinated your likelihood of contracting and spreading Covid-19 is less (but obviously not zero) and in the case of infection, your symptoms are relatively mild. My family is 50% vaccinated – my wife and I are vaccinated, and our children are not. We have our own reasons as does everyone for either vaccinating or not. That is not the point – to make this a political debate. The point is to allow each group to know the symptom sets, duration, and risk for spread so that each group can know how to proceed in case of infection.

As always, we will get through this together as the strong CrossFit Levo Community/Family that we are. Families can sometimes get messy, but we need to rally around each other to get through tough times. We will do just that and hopefully lead our area through this next (and hopefully last) wave of Covid-19 infections.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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