Levo Update Show – Episode 94

Weather, Valentine’s, and Consistency

Hey Crew,

Welcome back to the 94th episode of the Levo Update Show.

What a rough one last week was, especially if you have kids. And this week looks to be no different. Please be safe on the way to and from the gym. Give yourself a little extra time. We will be open unless it gets ridiculously bad. In that occurrence, we will let you know through email that classes have been cancelled.

Salt is going to be an issue. When we enter the gym, do you best to stay on the turf and potentially transition your shoes prior to walking on the black top. Antoinette and I are a little OCD with things, but aside from that the salt is a real pain to get off the floor (chalk x 5). We thank you for staying on the turf as you enter and transitioning your shoes a little early if you can.

Sneak Peek at the Week

We are coming to the end of the F2020 challenge. Let’s finish strong!

  • Monday – Deadlift and 21-15-9 burner
  • Tuesday – Goat Work, Recovery, and a Cardio-Gymnastic finisher
  • Wednesday – Handstand Challenge, Shoulder Press, and an 8 minute Grind
  • Thursday – Dumbbell Cardio Chipper
  • Friday – Open 13.4 Repeat, Clean & Jerk – TTB Ladder

Good Luck and #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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