Levo Update Show – Episode 86

F2020 Challenge, Changes to the Open, and New Cycle Details

Welcome Back Sapiens,

So good to have you back for the 86th episode of the Levo Update Show.  It’s the holidays so we will keep this short and to the point (or as much as I can).

Thank You

This year has been something not so fun, but you all are something exceptional.  Antoinette and I are grateful for each and every member. Thank you for being such a strong, supportive, and growing community.

F2020 Challenge – More Details (Many more to follow)
  • Week 1 – Starts on January 4th with a test/measurement week to make sure everyone has time to get their baseline in
  • Week 2-7 – The meat and potatoes of it all with weekly challenges for prizes, store credit, and other fun stuff
  • Week 8 – Another test week to make sure everyone has time for measurements and testing
  • Week 9 – Will be a week of tabulation culminating in fun prizes for top producers in the F2020 challenge
Open Intramurals will Follow
  • March 10th is the start of the 2020 CrossFit Open
  • You will decide if you’d like to participate as well as the Tier of Competition that best suits you
  • There will be 3 Tiers (Advanced, Intermediate, and Scaled).  To translate to those who haven’t been around the competitive CrossFit scene for long – Advanced is Rx all the time, Intermediate is some Rx and some scaled, and Scaled is… well… you get it.
  • We will have a draft to fill out teams based on participants but it should be one hell of a time so make sure to ask questions and ultimately register.
New Cycle
  • 12 full weeks of 6, 2-week blocks.  Week 1 of a block will have back squat on one day and strict press on another day.  Week 2 of a block will have deadlift on one day and bench press on another day.
  • Deadlift and squat will have 3, 2-block rep schemes of 7 sets of 7, 7 sets of 5, and then finishing with 7 sets of 3.
  • Strict press and bench will have 3, 2-block rep schemes of 5 sets of 10, 5 sets of 8, and then finishing with 5 sets of 5.
  • Each movement will have a superset movement that is based on progressing baseline core/gymnastic strength and/or skill.
  • All the other training days will be a well-balanced dose of classic CrossFit.
Sneak Peek at the Week
  • Monday – Goblet Grinder
  • Tuesday – Goat Work and 15 minutes of fun
  • Wednesday – Heavy Clean and a burner
  • Thursday – 5 Round Chipper
  • Friday – Hold your Hollow

Good Luck and #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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