Levo Update Show – Episode 84

Flooring, Challenges, and De-Load

Hello Sapiens,

I hope you are all recovering well from yet another week of awesomeness. We have completed the strength – barbell – gymnastic – everything cycle from the underworld. Well Done!

In all honesty, it was a pretty epic cycle of classic CrossFit, but with a fresh out of quarantine – baseline strength and Olympic lifting progression twist. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Well, we hope you found some appreciation in your progression.

This week starts a De-Load week, which is often a little abstract. Don’t “cherry-pick.” Get to class and work on the small things that will solidify your gains from last cycle and help you dominate the next.

The gym looks a little different. We are finishing off the flooring to have a more even flow. This may take awhile as we merge two sections of the floor that have very different material. Is it a bit of a shit show?… Yeah, but it’s our shit show, so thank you for cutting us some slack as we piece it together.

Competition is all around us as the CrossFit Open quickly approaches. 6 PM Dan has challenged Coach Brandon to 30 Burpees for time. We hope no blood will be shed, but we make no promises. Competition isn’t for everyone. Seriously, we get it and you are loved and welcome if it gives you heart palpitations. Yet, it is also where a lot of fun resides so don’t hesitate to have a little fun with your training comrades as we play this game called “high intensity life.”

Ashley was super strong and very gym-nasty with her performance on the clean-jerk-handstand walk last week. But, she has someone on her heels. Meghan has made huge strides in the last cycle and was only a bit behind Ashley on one of the complexes. Congrats to both and to all for all the hard work. (Drug testing will be conducted randomly from here forward… just kidding!)

2020 is almost over. And what better way to give 2020 its due respect by starting an F-2020 Challenge? Seriously, the coaches are meeting regularly to put together a great challenge that leaves the crap of 2020 behind (pun intended… yes!). Look for details as we try to make even more progression heading into the CrossFit Open.

Enjoy the video to get the full Sneak Peek at the Week.

Good Luck to All and #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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