Levo Update Show – Episode 82

Here We Go Again? I don’t think so.

Welcome back my friends!

This is the 82nd edition of the Levo Update Show. So happy to have you back on this a very important show. You’ve undoubtedly heard about the pending restrictions/mandates coming our way on Tuesday. We will let you know how it effects us and how we will be moving forward.

Here are the highlights of the show:

  • Our Levo Community has been amazing throughout this entire experience. Wow, and Thank You!
  • Numbers are going up. Some care about active cases and some don’t. However, ICU bed utilization is the ultimate statistic we need to follow and it is getting concerning. Match that with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years celebrations and we have reasons for concern and strategic action as a society.
  • These recent restrictions make much more sense than those from the Spring. Knowing there is an allegedly effective vaccine in the very near future, we need to get through December without over stressing our hospital capacities. If we achieve this… we “kinda” win the war against COVID-19. (Winning gives the impression of happiness. It’s hard to be happy when over 250,000 US citizens will die from this)
  • What will Levo be doing:
    • Thankfully we get to stay open!!! But we will drop capacity to 10 athletes per class
    • Know this, please be respectful with how you schedule. If you schedule… you come.
    • We will be making announcements regarding extra classes and open-gym times.
    • We will not be allowing random, out of town drop-ins, but we will still be open to new members.
    • We will continue doing all the smart things we have been doing, just focusing a little more on – Self-Screening, Temperature Screening, Distancing, Disinfecting, and Ventilation.
    • Our mask policy will be consistent as it has been. We will not be the mask police. We will encourage the use of masks.
  • Sneak Peak at the Week

Enjoy the Show and #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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