Levo Update Show – Episode 70

BMU’s, Box Jumps, New Members, and Class Transitions

Hey People,

A beautiful week of weather and training. Very proud of how we attacked the 3rd week of the cycle, making improvements very quickly.

Here are the highlights of the Levo Update Show:

  • Chethna’s box jumps, Devin and Jason’s BMU’s, and a lot of OHS progression
  • New Members and Drop-ins – Let’s make them feel welcome, while staying safe!
  • 4:45 Class – make sure that we are giving 6 pm enough time to transition into class
  • Programming
    • Monday – Goat Work, Dumbbell’s, and Gymnastics… don’t miss the opportunity to progress
    • Tuesday – Snatch Complex, Dumbbell’s, and Skill
    • Wednesday – Gymnastic Progression
    • Thursday -Dumbbell Grind and 1:1 work to rest ratio target
    • Friday – Clean complex and cardio finisher

Good Luck and #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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