Levo Update Show – Episode 69

Pullups, Chalk, and Programming

Welcome back Sapiens!!!

Antoinette has given us yet another week of excellent grind and toil. You met the challenge and improved your mental and physical fitness. A new week is here. Will we meet the obstacles that it throws in our direction?… I think I know the answer.

Enjoy this weeks Update Show. Here are the highlights:

  • A bunch of people are dominating pullups – Meghan, Melissa, Stacy, Jodi, and the list goes on. Keep it UP!!!
  • Jason is nearing his first bar muscle-up – Hell Yes, but progress wisely. Don’t force it.
  • Programming is an awesome blend of foundational strength, Olympic lifting expression, and gymnastic mastery. Don’t miss the opportunities to progress and dominate.
  • Weekly programming is another beautiful flow of heavy stuff, skill development, and gymnastic awareness and virtuosity development (look it up!).
  • Chalk options are available. You can use the buckets, your own chalk (but bring a container of your own), or LIQUID CHALK is now available.

You are all beautiful humans and we appreciate your existence.


Levo Coaching Crew

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