Levo Update Show – Episode 68

Coaching, Programming, and Finding Your Progression

Hey People,

Welcome to this the 68th Episode of the Levo Update Show.


  • Brandon is getting things done as a coach, but it can be strange moving from Athlete to Coach. Let’s continue to support the progression and enjoy watching him become an elite coach… and maybe learn a thing or two
  • Antoinette and Jared will be working their way through classes as assistant/specific coaches. That means they will be trying to add more value to your membership by adding an extra pair of eyes to certain portions of class.
  • Stacy will continue to be an excellent coach, but also a solid secondary coach while she works out in the normal class times.
  • Last week went very well as we started the new cycle. Let’s keep it up as it gets hot… your body will adapt.
  • This weeks programming:
    • Monday – Olympic Lifting Progression (Snatch) and Gymnastic EMOM (every minute on the minute); Less complex metcon
    • Tuesday – Gymnastic-Endurance junkie heaven
    • Wednesday – Olympic Lifting Progression (Clean and Jerk) and Gymnastic EMOM with low complexity metcon
    • Thursday – Combo Day – (Endurance) Row, (Stamina) Step-ups, and (Skill) Handstand Pushups
    • Friday – Combo Day – (Endurance) Run, (Gymnastic Strength & Skill) Chest to Bar, and (Weighlifting Strength and Skill) Squat Cleans

Another week in progression paradise!

Good Luck and #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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