Levo Update Show – Episode 67

Bye Nell, Hello New Cylce, Welcome Brandon

So much happening right now!

Highlights for the longer Levo Update Show (new format):

  • Tomorrow will be Nell’s last day – be sure to wish her well
  • New Cycle is upon us with more Squatting and Olympic Lifting
  • Brandon will be starting to coach more classes and Jared and Antoinette will make a slight shift to helping out with more specifics during class
  • New Format – Week’s Programming Discussion
    • Monday – Squats and Presses – develop skills from the ground and keep the pushups clean
    • Tuesday – Embrace the grind of the 1:1 work rest ratio… this should be one of the hardest workout of the week – don’t miss the stimulus
    • Wednesday – Overhead Squats – these aren’t going away so understand the progression and fight your chronic issues with neck and/or shoulder problems
    • Thursday – Embrace the Suck… Running Sucks, but only if you don’t know what you are doing or haven’t done enough – today will help with both
    • Friday – Skills, Skills, Skills… this will be great for everyone because everything can be scaled for progression – don’t miss the opportunity to improve as a gymnast!

Good luck and #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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