Levo Update Show – Episode 66

Dubs, Weights, Comfort, and Cleaning

Hey Sapiens,

Congrats on another great week. Enjoy the Update Show – here are the highlights:

  1. Congrats on those who improved or achieved their double-unders. Keep up the grind with all of your progression and don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments.
  2. Weights are coming. Right now they will be more in the conditioning/wod/metcon setting. However, as the gym adapts to “in-facility” training and as we progress to a better state in the fight against COVID-19, we will increase specific times to tackle strength development within class.
  3. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” You will hear me and the other coaches saying this. It does not mean get sloppy. Instead, we want you to be solid and confident with your technique while being able to sustain a long period of excursion discomfort. Avoid playing the yo-yo game and start sustaining a solid, sustainable, yet uncomfortable pace. THAT’S WHERE IMPROVEMENT LIVES!!!
  4. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!! Thank you for all the help in cleaning the gym during and after class. We are all so grateful for you as a community. Your consistent efforts to help the coaching staff with cleaning don’t go unnoticed. Thank you!
  5. Because of our efforts as a gym, as well as the fitness industry as a whole, Dr. Page highlighted how gyms have done a great job with following guidelines and attacking the problem of COVID-19 efficiently. This was mentioned during his announcement of restrictions on bars, employment capacity, etc. This is fantastic news regarding our ability to stay open moving forward. Well done!

You know what to do, #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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