Levo Update Show – Episode 65

Intensity increase, technique maintenance, open gym, & Scheduling

What’s Up People,

Another great week and another Levo Update Show. We will cover the following:

  1. We are starting to increase complexity, load, and volume. Translation – we are starting to work our muscles more, harder, longer, and through greater range of motion. This can cause soreness so recover well. Ask you coach for pointers if you are experiencing more soreness in your muscles.
  2. Technique is always more important than Intensity. Honestly technique is the thing that allows you to reach higher intensity – don’t bail on one to get the other. Stay safe and smooth.
  3. Open gym is generally for members with 6+ months of experience. Antoinette has the final say on who can use open gym times based on safety. In other words, there aren’t any coaches at open gym to help ensure safety and progression. Therefore, we need to grade out a member to ensure they can be trusted to keep themselves and the equipment in proper working order.
  4. Please schedule through the wodify app to help the coaches with preparation for class. Thinking you have 4 athletes and it transitions to 11 can be overwhelming for any coach and can negatively effect the flow of class. Please schedule/register for a class and try to show up at least a few minutes early so we can maintain appropriate flow and value.

You are all very beautiful people… #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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