Levo Update Show – Episode 63

Happy 4th, New Member Welcome, & Community thanks

Yo People,

We hope you had a great and safe 4th of July – all fingers and toes accounted for! The last 3 weeks have been amazing and we couldn’t help but feel that those fireworks were not only for our nations birthday, but for a celebration of Levo’s “in-person” reunion.

Great communities keep growing and that is exactly what we are doing. We are somewhere around 13-15 new members in the last 3 weeks. It is awesome to see so many new faces in the gym. Yet, we must remember that we were once in that same position – something that can be intimidating and overwhelming. Make sure to take time to meet anyone that look unfamiliar… cause they are probably a new member!

I say that, but I no I don’t need to. We were starting to see strong growth in March and aren’t really surprised to see it again in June/July because of YOU! Our community is strong, caring, compassionate, and hungry!!! Antoinette and I can only say thank you for making this happen. You are amazing people and we are honored to serve you and help you along your fitness and life progression.

Getting a little sappy here so we will draw it to a close. Stay safe. Be kind. Maintain distance. Clean your hands. Disinfect your area. Take your temperature. And, as always…


Levo Coaching Crew

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