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We’re Open Tomorrow… Here’s the Guidelines


Let us rejoice that we can once more train at the gym – suffering within a community of support as we crush our personal goals and demons and rid the world from vulnerability and chronic disease.

Cue the cool movie music…

Wait, wait, wait. As excited as I am to see your ugly mugs back in the gym, we have to exercise some caution. Honestly, we haven’t shared germs in quite some time so we need to be cautious even if there was no COVID-19. And since there is COVID-19, we have some guidelines that will help us stay safe as we restart gym operations.

These guidelines are motivated by those given by the county and the CDC, but adapted to our specific setup. And before you get too excied, remember that the better we follow the guidelines, the higher likelihood we stay open because of corona control and lack of legal pressure. Thank you in advance for doing everything you can to be as compliant as you can.

Guidelines are in chronological order:

  1. Enter Stage Left with a mask on (the door or garage door that 99% of the gym goes through normally).  Follow the green turf toward the wall balls and then hang a right to meet the coach for temperature check and wodify check-in.
  2. Place your non-workout personal belongings in a shubby or safe area, and then go to your designated working area (marked off areas with tape that we will refer to as “cubes”)
  3. The cubes will have most of what you need for the workout.  If you need more, ask the coach and they will provide you will what you need.
  4. Once you are in your cube, you are free to remove your mask.  If you need to exit your cube, please remember to put on your mask.
  5. Dominate the workout. 
  6. Recover in your cube and tell the coach your data so that they can get it into wodify.
  7. The coach will spray disinfectant on your cube’s floor as well as your equipment.  Please wipe down the equipment.  The floor can be allowed to dry and the coach will have a mop to take care of any excessive fluids!
  8. Mask up to leave your cube and try to be respectful with appropriate distancing when gathering your belongings prior to exit.
  9. Exit Stage Right (the garage door next to the door that never gets used).
  10. Masks may be removed at your discretion once you are outside of the gym.

Other considerations we are making include:

  • Gym wide cleaning will be done at least 1x/day, generally after the busiest classes
  • Hand sanitizer will be by the entry and at the computer check-in area.  Please utilize one or the other
  • UV-C light wands will be utilized to kill viruses and bacteria on highly utilized surfaces
  • Door will be open and remain open, unless severe weather makes it unsafe.  Fans will be utilized to direct air flow to create more of an outdoor environment.
  • If you’d like to purchase FitAid or any other merchandise.  Please follow guidelines and use the hand sanitizer at the desk.  Also, please do it before class when you are less exerted.
  • Other guideline from the County and CDC will be posted throughout the gym.  Feel free to familiarize yourself with them as well.

There are probably things that were left out that we are doing, but if you feel we are missing something or your have concerns do not hesitate to contact Antoinette or any of the coaches.

Can’t wait to see you and until then, #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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