My Basement Flooded and…

I need everyone to bring back their equipment

Seriously though, my upstairs bathroom decided to keep running when we left to watch a marathon scrimmage. Something went wrong with the overflow and we walked into the house to the horrid sound of, “drip, drip, drip.” Fortunately all the water came down into the storage area, so it was just a lot of unknown and unknowable work… and I’ve spend a decade preparing for that.

Thank you CrossFit!

We do want to place some urgency on returning equipment and we don’t want to be jerks about it. You all paid your memberships and showed amazing commitment to the gym and for that we are grateful. Yet, it’s time to put the final puzzle pieces together with opening the gym and some of you still have those pieces.

I will be at the gym tomorrow from 8-9:30ish. I know its early, but if you can drop by to say hello and marvel at all the awesomeness that we have created during quarentine, I would so much appreciate it.

Look for more details tomorrow regarding preparations for Monday.

We can’t wait to see you all in the flesh.

Until then, #keepmoving

J-Doc Style

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