Levo Update Show – Episode 57

Memorial Day Murph-Ruck, June 15th, Prepping to Dominate!

Levites! Happy Memorial Day!

Hopefully you are all safe and healthy and doing something special on this day of remembrance. Memorial Day is special to us all in different ways, so we hope that you are able to celebrate/cope in a way that brings your peace and pride.

Sam Page has continued to be clear as mud. Okay, he is now clear as Lake of the Ozarks water. June 15th is the “target” date for allowing gyms to reopen with restrictions. While I want to curse, throw things, and break things, I won’t do that here. Instead, we will discuss our preparations for dominance:

  1. New Flooring to replace wood and increase working space/distancing
  2. Thermometer to screen athletes on entry
  3. UV-C Wands to kill viruses
  4. Sprayers and Mops to Quickly spot disinfect the floors
  5. Circulation considerations to dilute and filter air
  6. Sniper disinfectant (kills on contact) for high use areas

So, even though we could open in roughly 30 minutes. We will wait patiently to have a smooth and safe 3 phase transition:

  • Phase 1 – Low Vulnerability People (ensure effective measures and class flow)
  • Phase 2 – Confidence Crew (bringing in those who are concerned once we have built confidence in the system)
  • Phase 3 – Certainty Crew (the final wave of people who need certainty due personal or familial vulnerabilities)

Enjoy the Levo Update show and as always, #keepmoving

Levo Coaching Crew

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