Levo Update Show – Episode 50

Community Shout-out, Zoom Survey, and Dominating Tough Times

Shout-out to Zach and Nicky for getting hitched. Our hearts go out to them for the lost celebration, but COVID ain’t got nothing on those two. It’s official baby!!! Mr. and Mrs. Heath!

Member of the Month is… Everybody. Check out the write-up. As always, Allison and Coach B work together to capture the essence of awesomeness and they did not fail.

Zoom Survey captured a lot of great data – thank you! Classes are rolling at 7am, noon, and 5pm on every day of the week. Thanks to those who are going live. If you haven’t made a class yet, they are fun and we’d love to see your faces.

Enjoy the show and always remember… #keepmoving, #LevoFittotheFinish

Levo Staff

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