Zoomie Zoomie & COVID Calendar

How we doing? What can Improve?

Hello My Friends,

Again, emails are a plenty so I will keep this short:

  • Enjoy this Covid Quarantine Calendar – 30 days of 30 rep challenges to maintain your sanity and improve your gymnastic upper body strength. (DOWNLOAD CALENDAR)
  • Equipment Still Available – Message Antoinette to schedule pickup
  • THANK YOU – You are maintaining your memberships and we are THANKFUL FOR YOUR COMMITMENT to LEVO!
  • We have been working harder than ever to help deliver value, but we will continue to improve
  • Zoom Trends show that attendance drops after 1-2 weeks.  Let’s buck the trend… SEE SURVEY
  • Day 2 was better than Day 1 on Zoom and Week 2 will be better than Week 1.  But, we want your input… SEE SURVEY
  • Click HERE, to take a quick survey.  Your input is needed and extremely valuable.  The survey is a few easy questions and then a section for you to add specifics.  We hope to hear from a lot of you. 

Thank you again for being awesome and we will do everything we can to keep delivering value.

Until we meet again – Good Luck, #keepmoving, #LevoFittotheFinish

Levo Staff

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