Levo Update Show – Episode 48

Gym Closed, but Open Online

Hello to All of You People,

Closed but still Open

Yes, we are a part of St. Louis County and therefore must comply by the most recent order to shut down our business as it does not meet the criteria of essential.  Though our collective ego is bruised at the vicious label, we will comply.  But, we will still be providing a lot of value.  And while it is difficult to replace the community and comradery (Camaraderie) felt within Levo’s walls, we believe our digital options will provide at least the same, if not more value to the membership.

Here’s what we plan to do starting tomorrow morning

  1. Zoom Meeting – A real-time opportunity to meetup with other members and hit the at-home workout together, albeit virtual.  Download the Zoom app on your phone or create a free account on your computer, using just your email account.  Once you are setup with Zoom, all you need to do is go to the workout on Wodify and click the link shown in yellow, click the next link to be redirected to zoom, and follow any other prompts to Join the Meeting.  We will be running live classes every morning at 6 and every evening at 5:30, but we will open the meeting about 30 minutes prior to class starting.  If it’s your first time, join the meeting early in case you have any issues with getting setup.  We will be working on an archive system for you to watch a previous class, but give us a couple of days on that option. 
  2. Mobility and Movement Progression – Your time at home will give you ample opportunity to progress the hardest parts of gymnastics (upper body strength) and much time to build quality range of motion.  Jared and Stacy will be putting together specific drills and progression programming and sending it out in video format to the entire membership.  Look in your email on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to progress your strength and skill.
  3. At-home – We will be donating equipment to members who need something to keep up with programming.  It obviously won’t be everything you could ever need, but much of the equipment can be used in multiple ways.  Contact Antoinette about what we have available.
  4. Home-Gym – For those with home gym setups, there will be options for you to follow more regular programming.  Antoinette will be making a good document to help you maintain your Olympic lifts and power lifts to go along with normal programming.  Look for more details in the coming days.
  5. Covid Quarantine Calendar – Stacy and Jared will be putting together a Quarentine Calendar with extra challenges and benchmark tests to help break the monotony of each day as well as give you a measuring stick to the time we get to meet in person!  Look for more details in the coming days.
  6. Nutrition – Antoinette will be putting together a text group of people who are interested in sharing recipes and potentially doing a zoom meal prep session on Sundays.  Look for more details in the coming days.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this until the end of this week and potentially early next week.  Therefore, we haven’t had a lot of time to work through all the specifics.  That said, it may be a little bumpy in the first week.  However, we are bunch of resilient SOB’s and we will get this figured out together.  Cause that’s what we are: a family.  And that’s what families do. 

Good luck, #keepmoving and #LevoFittotheFinish

Dr.J and Staff

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