The Jaree Brhino Show – Intensity

How it should feel!

This episode dives into the complex and deep topic of Intensity with respect to a new athlete, a progressing athlete, and a seasoned athlete. What you feel and how you process that information is very different and this video will help you make the most of what’s happening.

Brhino discusses how it’s okay to question whether this is for you… cause almost everyone does.

Jaree just talks too much.

They both come together to cover all the relative dangers and the suggested focus points for the beginner, the progressor, and the “OG”. We all feel the same thing… “The Suck”, aka “Intensity”… however, we need to be aware of specific things at each stage.

We hope you find entertainment in the vlog or the podcast – (audio version). More importantly, we hope you gain some clarity in your perceptions that drive you to greater levels of fitness and health.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

Dr.J and Coach B

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