Levo Update Show – Episode 42

Say Good-bye and Say Hello

Hello Peoples,

Welcome to the 42nd Levo Update Show.  And as you all know 42 is a very big and important number… right?

Okay, it’s not (unless your turning 42 – way to go, you look great).  But, it is in this instance because we are making some big changes to how we grow and develop as a Levo community.  Quick highlights are as follows:

  • We are saying good-bye to the weekly videos.  They have served their purpose with respect to educating our initial members and our coaches regarding movement technique and stimulus.  It’s time to transition to another focus
  • Speaking of focus, we will have a Weekly Mobility Focus to help everyone understand and progress on key range of motion concepts.  By improving stable and strong range of motion (mobility) we should see a smooth and efficient pathway to accomplishing our 2020 goals listed on the board (movements, attendance longevity, etc.)
  • Another new addition will be the Weekly Movement Progression which will not only highlight the development of gymnastic (body weight) movements, but also baseline weightlifting and Olympic lifting movements.  This will also serve to build a progression library so members may someday pick and choose from what they need.
  • Statistics show that you are enjoying The Jaree Brhino Show so we will work to refine and develop the show to both entertain and educate.
  • Feedback – Thanks Gary for the honesty, we hope to hear more from yawll about the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Shout-outs – Coach Brian, Jodi, An, and Frank
  • Sneak Peak at the Week – Understanding  what we are working on and why it is important to your health, wellness, fitness, and longevity of each.

Enjoy the show… Audio Version

:00 Welcome and Intro to Key Concepts / :50 Say Good-bye to the Weekly Videos / 2:45 Say Hello to Mobility Focus for the Week / 5:52 Say Hello to Movement Progression of the Week / 7:27 Continue Enjoying the Jaree Brhino Show / 8:15 Feedback thanks and Options / 10:10 Shout-outs to Coach Brian, Jodi (Again!), An, and Frank / 12:48 Sneak Peak at the Week – Barbell, Gymnastics, Odd Objects, Grind, Core, Cardio, Coordination, and Skill

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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