Levo Update Show – Episode 38

Goals, Spotlights, and Sneak Peaks

Yo Sapiens!

Excellent work starting the first full week of training in 2020. Let’s keep this baby rolling.

Weekly Video are up. They highlight the movements, strategies, stimulus, progressions, and everything else you need to know to maximize your time in the gym. Don’t miss the opportunity to set yourself up for success… and make fun of Jared when he says something stupid.

Goals Board is filling up. Don’t leave yourself out. We are a community; a family. Families hug… but they also help each other grow and achieve. That’s the idea here. If you don’t have your goals on the board, we can’t help you kick ass! For those that do… keep up the grind!

Mark Mayfield is back on top of the world as the Spotlight Athlete for January. Congratulate him the next time you see him, but also chat him up about his progression. He has learned quite a lot through his transformation and may be able to share some knowledge that can get you over the edge. Great job Mark!!!

Sneak Peak at the Week

  • Monday – Bench Press & Skill Development (BMU)
  • Tuesday – Strength and Movement Differentiation (Squat v. Deadlift on Row)
  • Wednesday – New kind of stimulus (2 min on going HAM… 1 min Rest)
  • Thursday – DL & OHS (Strength and Mobility Test – Choose weights wisely)
  • Friday – Skill, Skill, Skill; Progression, Progression, Progression (Turkish Getup, DU)

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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