Levo Update Show – Episode 37

Partners, Goals, and MetCon’s

Hello my friends and welcome back to the CrossFit Levo Update show for this the first show of 2020. I could go on and on about how great 2019 was for all of us… and I do in the show! But, I will spare you the written form of brain vomit!

In short, this show discusses the following:

  1. The growth in 2019 and the intended progression in 2020
  2. Antoinette transitioning from employee to business partner
  3. Coach B getting us focused on individual goals, but with community support
  4. Shout-outs going to Lauren and Jo for good grind and goals
  5. And finally, a sneak peak at the daily stimulus foci for next week’s programming
  6. WEEKLY VIDEOS!!! They highlight everything you need to prepare for to progress!

Good luck, enjoy, and #keepmoving


One thought on “Levo Update Show – Episode 37

  1. Proving one of your athletes (from this past 6am Friday) wrong, I just watched the video. So it’s not just her… I mean not just that person.

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