Levo Update Show – Episode 24


I congratulate you on yet another week of human awesomeness.

De-load week was a challenge, but you rose to the occasion and dominated the opportunity, enhancing your work capacity over broad time and modal domains as if it were you J-O-B!

Enjoy the update show.  There are a few new movements in the Weekly Videos as well as some fresh takes on repetitive movements.  Don’t hesitate to add value to your life… I mean, watch them if you want to get better faster!

Some highlights:

  • Video recap of 50 of everything
  • De-Load Week
  • New Cycle Awareness
  • Jamie Herron doing the Toughest Mudder!
  • Coach’s Corner – Nicole Marhefka and Everyone from Wednesday
  • Coach Jaree and the Fam biking though the wilderness

Enjoy and #keepmoving

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