Update Show – Episode 19

Let’s Get This Party Started!

First, another solid week of training is in the books.  Attitude, Effort, and Determination are effervescent throughout the gym.  Yes, I did say effervescent.

Weekly Videos are up and here are the highlights of the Update Show:

  •  :00 Introduction
  • :15 Live Footage of Human Awesomeness
  • 1:55 Congrats on Progression, Be Okay with a Repeat Weight, Keep up the Grind
  • 3:36 Shout-out… Jamie “Tough Mudderer” Herron
  • 4:40 Drive to the Open Challenge

You are all great people.  Seriously, the entire staff and I hope you all realize how privileged we feel being able to work with you.  You have a lot of options and you decided on Levo.  Thank You, and we will continue doing everything we can to provide as much value as possible.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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