Update Show – Episode 18

Hello People!

Welcome back to the Update Show!

Highlights are as follows:

  • :00 Intro – OHS, Love, Deadlift, and Pistol
  • :45 Shout Outs – The Bolin’s
  • :1:58 Programming Progression Awareness
  • 2:25 Weekly Videos – Important Mobility Drills
  • 3:10 CrossFit Open is Around the Corner
  • 3:30 Levo Drive to the Open Challenge

As you go through this realize that we are very proud of the progressions that you are making but they will get smaller and smaller as we move forward.  This is natural and okay.  You may even move back in weight because of “life”.  No worries, just keep grinding away!

The weekly videos have some mobility drills that will help your shoulders and ankles deal with the overhead progression and the pistols.  Remember, there is a lot to be gained on what you do before the workout and what you do after.

Last, the Open is Coming and we are going to do everything we can to get you ready by getting you Ze Gainz!  Be looking for more info throughout the week.

And, as always, #keepmoving!

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