Update Show – Episode 17

Hello People,

We hope you had a great weekend, enjoying the weather and the craziness of the CrossFit Games.  Sometimes it’s fun to see of what the human body is truly capable.  If you took in some action, we hope it motivates you toward your next set of goals and possibilities.  If you missed it, you can visit the CrossFit Games, or other outlets, to catch up and witness some awesome feats of humanity.

The weekly videos are up.  They have a lot of helpful tips for each day regarding progression options and pieces of awareness that will help yield results.

This weeks update show will highlight the following:

  • Focus on Weekly Programming and Videos – What should I do?
  • Meet a Member – Colin Van Antwerp
  • Shout Outs – JaLynne and Darcie
  • Be Nice, Say Hi, and #Keepmoving

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