Levo Update Show – Episode 14

Welcome Back!

This episode will highlight some clips from “De-Load” week… whatever that means… as well as discuss the new training cycle we will be entering.

As always we will give some Shout-outs to… Hailey and Dusty.

Weekly Videos are posted here.

All you need to do is #keepmoving

  • :00 Flash Back Intro
  • :29 Welcome – Shanna Cuts my Hair
  • :35 Great Grind in De-Load Week
  • 1:05 New Cycle
  • 1:45 Cycle Breakdown
  • 4:00 National Champion – Dan Merlo
  • 4:30 Shout-out to Hailey
  • 5:25 Shout-out to Dusty
  • 6:40 Keep Moving!!!

See you soon SUCKERS!!!

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