Matthew “Warlord” Anniversary Wod

CrossFit Levo – WOD

Metcon (Time)

1-10 KB Push Press 53/35

2-20 Russian KB Swings

1-10 Pull-up

2-20 Wall Ball
*16 weeks until beach season

Matthew is a CrossFit Levo member who was on an extended business trip to St. Louis from the UK. Having travelled from London to St. Louis, jet lag set it at 3 am when Matthew could no longer sleep. He logged on to CrossFit maps and found the closest gym that had a Saturday morning workout. Matthew emailed the head coach to drop in. At 8:30 on the first Saturday of February, Matthew showed up to fitness. Matthew was hooked and quickly became a favorite community member having showed up to work out 28 straight days in a row until he returned to the UK. Matthew returned with many skills he didn’t have before including double unders and killing pull-ups. He continues to be a reminder of what we can achieve individually and with the help of community, even in a short time.

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